Comic-on-Comic: Matt O’Meara on Comedian Shalewa Sharpe

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Who knows a comic, and his/her stand-up, better than the other comics that they spend night after countless night getting on stage with? 

For this week’s Comic-On-Comic we asked Atlanta comedian Matt O’Meara a few questions about the comedy that his peer and friend Shalewa Sharpebrings to the comedy scene here in Atlanta. 

How would you describe Shalewa’s comedic style?

  • I would say Shalewa’s comedic style is funny? It’s what most go for, she does it pretty well.

Do you think her personality reflects her stage persona?

  • Yeah I guess. She’s not fake on stage if that’s what we’re saying.

Which of Shalewa’s jokes is your favorite; gets a laugh from you, no matter how many times you hear it?

  • New favorite is the role playing one with a dude that had a diaper fetish. I’ll let you know later if I’m still laughing at it.

In the past year, how have you seen Shalewa grow as a comic?

  • Shalewa has gotten a lot more comfortable on stage and it shows a lot in her pauses. She sits on them longer and makes the jokes “pop” more.

What do you personally admire about Shalewa as a comic?

  • She’s black. I think that’s pretty cool. Also I like that she is super laid back and you never hear a bad thing about her from anyone around the scene.

Now that you have a comic insider’s perspective, take a look at this video of Shalewa Sharpe performing a set at the world famous Laughing Skull Lounge

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You’ll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.
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The Beards of Comedy

"Breakfast Banditos"

Directed by: Matt Swinsky

This needs to be up for some sort of comedy award thing for videos that are insanely hilarious. Theres nothing more to say.


"But is he funny?" You ask.

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April 11th, 2011